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What is Hp Quality Center Send Mail?

Send Mail conversation box allows users to send an e-mail about an entity to other users. The mail can include attachments/records and also allows the recipient to immediately get entry to that entity. send mail functionality can be accessed from various modules by clicking on "ship Mail" button as shown below −

Hp-Quality Center - Send Mail

Upon clicking at the "send Mail" button, the send Mail dialog opens.

Hp-Quality Center - Send Mail

Here, the person has to fill inside the following information −

  • To E-mail address - or extra addresses are separated by using semicolon.
  • CC Email address - or more addresses are separated through semicolon.
  • Subject – Auto-populated based totally on the chosen entity.
  • Include - Customers can include attachments, traced requirements, test coverage, history.
  • Enter additional comments if any.

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