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What is Hp QC Test Results?

After executing tests, testers can view the results in the "Test Runs" module which contains tabs which lets testers to analyze the results of test instance runs and test set runs.

Go to "Test Runs" in "Testing" Tab and the window opens as shown below–

Hp-QC - Test Results

Following are the features of Test Run tab.

  • Delete − Enables testers to delete a particular test Run and can be controlled by user previleges.
  • Details − Upon opening the details tab the execution details of each step is shown.
  • Continue Manual Run − Enables testers to continue with manual run if suspended inbetween.
  • Goto Test Instance − This option takes to the test instance under test Lab module.
  • comments − Allows testers to add comment to the test run.
  • Report − Displays the details of the Run with steps and its status.
  • Attachments − Enables testers to add attachments for that particular execution.
  • Run ID − HP-ALM assigns a unique run ID(date-TimeStamp) automatically so that it can easily tracked.
  • Exec Date − Enables testers to track the test execution based on execution date.
  • Exec Time − Enables testers to track the test execution based on execution time.
  • Host − Displays the host system on which the test was performed.

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