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What is Hp QC Favorites?

Favorites in ALM work just like "Bookmarks" on an internet-browser. It permits users to navigate to that page with just a single click. users can keep this view as a favorite view to be reloaded and navigate to that page easily in future.

Favorites are of variants as explained below −

  • Private − Vailable best for the user who has logged in.
  • Public − available for all customers who has got access to that project.

Favorites are allowed inside the following modules - requirements, test Plan, test Lab, and Defects. Favorites may be created after filtering/choosing definite columns. whenever the favorites are loaded, it loads with the same view as it was created.
Hp-QC - Favorites
Upon clicking the "add to favorites" button, the "upload to favourite" dialog opens. users need to key in the favourite call and the type of favourite (public / private).
Hp-QC - Favorites
Upon creating the favorite successfully, we can get entry to it through navigating to "favorites" menu and selecting the kind of preferred and the favourite name that the user has created.
Hp-QC - Favorites
Users also can know if the favorites are loaded or no longer by using looking at the repute bar. it will simply display the filters applied and the name of the favorite that was loaded.
Hp-QC - Favorites

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