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Test automation is the process of reducing, and when possible, removing human interactions from an existing manual testing process.

When Should Test Automation Be Used?

Below is a list of parameters which makes a manual test a good candidate for automation:

  • The test must be repeated often.
  • The test's workflow and its validation evolve and change slowly over time.
  • The test validates a business process or workflow, rather than look and feel, color, table layout, etc.
  • The test is very repetitive and/or has a lot of steps, and it is important that those steps be performed exactly the same each time, where manual tester fatigue must be avoided.
  • The test produces results for a regulatory body that demands that those results be electronically recorded and archived as formal evidence of compliance.
  • The test's pass/fail results are reasonably easy to determine and capture with the selected automation tool.
  • The test needs to drive a significant amount of data to the application

When Should Test Automation Be Avoided?

  • Ad hoc testing where a subject matter expert randomly prowls through a variety of combinatorial workflows.
  • One time testing or testing repeated only a few times.
  • Testing which requires covering multiple functional areas such that the test travels through a small amount of virtually all of the product's functionality.
  • Testing where look and feel, color, table layout, etc. are validated.
  • Testing where pass/fail validation requires evaluating information from several different and unrelated systems and/or applications.

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