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QTP provides a rich set of utility XML objects, the most important of which are described next.

  • XMLUtil - This is the object which is used to create or read an XML file. Like HTML, XML also has a document object model (DOM). But this object provides a much smaller set functions as compared to the HTML DOM. The XML DOM is beyond the scope of this chapter
  • XMLAttribute - Provides access to the name and value of attributes of a specified node
  • XMLAttributesColl - Provides a collection of attributes
  • XMLIternColl - Provides a collection of XML Items. XML Items are used for CDATASection and comments in the XML
  • XMLElementsColl - Provides a collection of XML elements
  • XMLData - Represent an XML Block. XML Data contains the complete XML file loaded using XMLUtilor from WebXML test object
  • XMLElement - Represent an XML Element. An XML element can have attributes, a value, and/or one or more children, all of XMLElement type

Rather than attempt to define each and every function supported by each of these objects, we use the more common ones in the examples in the remainder of this chapter. For details on all the methods and properties supported by these objects refer to the QTP Help.

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