QTP Licensing Model - QTP

QTP licensing model allows 2 different types of licenses

  • Seat License
  • Floating License

QTP Licensing Model

Seat License

Seat license is a node locked or machine-based license. This license can be used only for a machine it was generated for, as the locking code QTP generates is specific to the machine it is installed on. To apply for a seat license, select the "Seat License" radio button as shown in Figure and click Next. After clicking next the license wizard will show the locking code of the machine as shown in Figure . Note down the locking code and put a license request on welcome.asp. Once you receive the license launch the wizard again and click Next button on the Locking code screen and paste the license key received by HP. This will install the seat license.

Floating License

Floating licenses can be used on any machine which has network access to the floating license server. At any point in time the machines using the QTP licenses cannot exceed the maximum license count on the server. The license server is a utility that needs to be installed separately and comes with the QTP installation. The license server can be installed on Windows 2000/2003/XP. Floating licenses are per session license i.e. they are only used when QTP is opln on a machine.

Floating License

concurrent licenser server test

Quick test professional  licence wizard

To apply for a floating license choose the "Concurrent License" radio button on wizard screen Figure . Click on the next button and enter the Server IP or name in the server. Click on the Check Connection button and if successful the wizard will show the licenses available on the server as Figure . Click on the Next button and save the floating license.

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