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A SiB (an acronym for Seeing is Believing) is the proof-of-concept session in which, during the pre-sale process, the technical capabilities of the QlikView software are demonstrated to the prospective customer. The way we demo QlikView at this stage usually involves creating a targeted QlikView document that uses the customer's actual data in a limited amount of time.

That's why, in this chapter, we will build a QlikView document based on real and useful data, focused on HighCloud Airlines' line of business. The data set we will use is publicly available and covers information about airline operations in the US. The original data files have been downloaded from The Bureau of Transportation Statistics of the United States website (http://transtats.bts.gov), and have been pre-processed so that we can focus on the main concepts this chapter is intended to outline. As the book evolves, we will introduce more advanced concepts so that, in the end, we are able to work with the original data files throughout the whole processing phase.

Because of the nature of the SiB phase, the analytical application should be developed rather quickly by the QlikView team. Since it will mainly be focused on technical features and data discovery functionalities, some design details (such as color, style, object positioning, and so on) have been left out for now. However, these details will be covered in their own good time, later in the book.

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