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The Document Properties window is where document-level settings are defined. Using this dialog window, we will ensure that HighCloud's logo is embedded into every worksheet of the document. We will also divide the screen space into the panels described previously and set the default Background Color option to white. The Document Properties window is shown in the following screenshot:

The Document Properties window

With these design requirements in mind, we will start setting up the document's appearance by following these steps:

  1. Open the Airline Operations.qvw document we've been working with and go to the Dashboard tab.
  2. As the document needs to fit the default corporate resolution of 1280 x 1024, select View | Resize Window | 1280 x 1024 from the menu bar.
  3. Then, open the Document Properties window by pressing Ctrl + Alt + D or by selecting Settings | Document Properties from the menu bar.
  4. Navigate to the General tab and enable the Wallpaper Image checkbox. Then, click on the Change, button.
  5. Browse to the Airline OperationsDesign folder, select the HighCloud_Background.png image, and click on Open.
  6. From the Default Sheet Background section of the Document Properties window, locate the Vertical drop-down and select the Top option from the list. The Horizontal drop-down will keep the default value, which is the Left option.
  7. Finally, close the Document Properties window by clicking on OK.

We've now set the QlikView application window to match the required size of our document. This way, we can ensure that the sheets we design will fit entirely on the target monitors without any scrolling.

When using the View | Resize Window functionality, it is always advisable to also check on the target environment to see if there will be any toolbars or other objects eating into the screen real estate.

Next, we've added a background image which already includes the HighCloud logo, as well as the pre-defined panel divisions that will help us position the objects. All of the sheets we create from now on in our document will automatically have the defined background.

In Chapter More on Visual Design and User Experience, we will look further into how we can create and use these background images.

After following the previous procedure, our Dashboard sheet should look like the following screenshot:

The Document Properties window

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