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When we start building the front end of a QlikView document, we should always begin by defining two fundamental characteristics:

  • The screen resolution on which most users will access the document
  • The general style and layout of the document

We need to set a standard screen resolution right from the start because it will ultimately determine the placement and size of the objects across the screen. If we build the document targeting a screen resolution higher than that which users have on their machines, they will probably need to use the scroll bars too often. On the other hand, if we target our document to a screen resolution lower than our users' screen resolution, they will see a lot of empty space. Both of these situations will be an inconvenience that our users will need to deal with every day, so we don't want that to happen.

Having a predefined resolution in the document does not keep the user from accessing a document using a lower (or higher) resolution monitor. QlikView allows users to "zoom" a screen to a different size using the View | Fit Zoom to Window and View | Zoom options. However, using these options can lead to alignment and display issues. It is better to avoid them if possible.

For the High Cloud Airlines document, we will use a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024, since it's the one our primary users (top executives) have set on their monitors.
At the same time, it's been determined that we will divide the front end layout into four main panels:

  • The top panel will be used to place time-related user controls as well as the High Cloud logo
  • The left-side panel will hold a majority of the list boxes used to filter the data
  • The central area will be used to place the different charts and visualizations
  • The right-side panel will have other special objects (that we will discuss later on)

The four main panels are shown in the following diagram:

Design requirements

The general style of the document should also reflect the High Cloud corporate identity. We will achieve this by:

  • Using the official High Cloud logo, seen below. This will be visible at all times and from all worksheets in the document.
  • Setting the Background Color to white.
  • Using the following corporate colors to set different layout object's appearance:

Design requirements

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