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The Python Software Activity (PSA) was established by CNRI Inc. to be the home of Python and to guide its development according to the common interests of the Python development community. Alarge number of contributions are submitted periodically. The PSA Web site stores the official documentation and download area of Python distributions. PSA's creation has taken some of the responsibility that Guido had. As a result, a group is working to develop Python, instead of just oneman. This fact helps propagate the maturity of Python's development strategy.

The Python Software Activity (PSA) official home page.

The Python Software Activity (PSA) official home page.

Several Special Interest Groups (SIGs), hosted by PSA, are currently studying and developing special topics of Python, such as XML Processing, String Processing, Python in Education, Distributed Objects, and many other important topics. To find out what newest groups are being formed and to participate in the discussions that are conducted in their mailing lists.

Today, this site is filled with information provided by many Python developers from all around the world. On Oct 25, 1999, the Python Consortium was publicly announced and officially began its mission "toensure Python's continued support and development." The membership fees that are received by the Consortium members support the development of Python and JPython. Even with his transition to Python Labs, Guido van Rossum remains the Technical Director of the Python Consortium, and Be continues to be just a member.

Support and Help

Python has a Usenet news group called comp. lang. python. This newsgroup is an excellent source of Python information and support. The guys who really know the language always hang out there.One of the best ways to keep your self up-to-date to the Python world is to sign up for the Python general mailing lists and to always check the news group for some information that might be helpful foryou.

Python Conferences and Workshops

The Python community has organized many workshops and conferences to discuss Python hot topics.You can have access to the materials that were used for the presentations, and you can also download many technical documents provided by the people who have participated in the conferences and workshops.

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