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What is PyGTK Environment?

PyGTK for Microsoft Windows

The installation of PyGTK for Microsoft Windows involves the following steps −

  • Step 1 − Install a 32-bit Python interpreter (latest Python 2.7 distribution)
  • Step 2 − Download and install GTK+ runtime.
  • Step 3 − Download and install GTK+ runtime −
  • Step 4 − It is also suggested that you download PyCairo and PyGobject modules from the subsequent URLs − http://ftp.gnome.org
  • Step 5 − for suitability, all-in-one installer which handles all of the PyGTK dependencies is also available. Download and install the latest all-in-one installer for Windows from the subsequent URL −

PyGTK for Linux

PyGTK is comprised in most Linux distributions (including Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu,RedHat etc); the source code can also be downloaded and compiled from the following URL

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