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What is Puppet Architecture?

Resulting is the illustrative depiction of Puppet architecture.

Puppet Master

Puppet Master is the important mechanism which handles all the arrangement related stuff. It put on the configuration to nodes by means of the Puppet agent.

Puppet Agent

Puppet Agents are the real working machines which are accomplished by the Puppet master. They have the Puppet agent daemon service running inside them.

Config Repository

This is the repo where all nodes and server-related arrangements are saved and dragged when essential.


Facts are the particulars connected to the node or the master machine, which are essentially used for analysing the current position of any node. On the origin of facts, variations are done on any target machine. There are pre-defined and custom facts in Puppet.


All the obvious files or arrangement which are written in Puppet are first transformed to a collected format called catalog and later those catalogs are useful on the target machine.

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