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What is Public Library Management Information Retrieval?

In today’s world, lot of information is being produced and it is humongous task to find the exact information in very less time. Latest searching techniques are making this process simpler and faster. There are two tools for retrieving information: index or catalog service.

What is an Index?

In library domain, index is known as the collection of headings or words with related locators or pointers. Pointers can be paragraphs, page numbers or section.

Used in searching a material associated to particular heading in the collection of documents.

What is Indexing?

The process of assigning access points to knowledge elements like articles, documents, books etc is called Indexing. Author, editor or anyone who is working as an indexer can perform the indexing.

Types of Indexing

Depending on how the indexing is performed, there are two fundamental types -

  • Manual – Done by humans
  • Automatic – Done by computers

Depending on the way the keywords are arranged, below are the types of indexing -

  • Precoordinate Indexing – During indexing, keywords are coordinated.
  • Postcoordinate Indexing – During searching, Keywords are coordinated.

After analyzing the subject content, keyword should be generated.

Pre Coordinate Indexing System (PRECIS)

Indexer will create the search terms and are used during searching the resources. The concepts are made as entries which are complex and detailed.

Advantages of PRECIS

  • No need of logic to search.
  • No need of training to perform a search query.
  • Concurrent searches are possible.

Disadvantage of PRECIS

Once the index is prepared, the relationships among topics can’t be modified. Journals and bibliographies are examples.

Post Coordinate Indexing System (POCIS)

Indexer will create the search terms not while indexing but during searching the resources depending on individual search results. After preparing database, index is created. The searcher can make use of several ways to search.

Advantages of POCIS

Below are the POCIS advantages –

  • Multiple search terms can be combined to form a search query.
  • Hence, infinite combinations of terms are allowed.
  • Every term has same weight in search criteria.

Disadvantage of POCIS

Below are the POCIS disadvantages -

  • Subject headings should be applicable.
  • It is less precise.

Keyword Indexing

This indexing type is known as natural indexing or free text indexing which does not have a control on vocabulary.

Types of Keyword Indexing

Here are few popular types of keyword indexing −

  • Keyword-in-Context
  • Keyword-out of-Context (KWOC)
  • Keyword-Augmented-in-Context (KWAC)
  • Key Term Alphabetical (KWIC)

Abstract and Abstracting

The purpose of the work is understood by the Abstract. It is the detailed text generated after analysis of the written work and the subject heading in the form of academic document, book , research paper or more.

Information can be retrieved with an abstract with an index.

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