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One of the functions of the Executing phase of the project is taking corrective action. Things do go wrong on the project, and it's the job of the project manager to take the right actions to keep the project on track. Corrective action includes any actions taken to keep the project in line with the project plan. These might include reducing the scope, changing the schedule, adding or reassigning resources, and other similar actions.

corrective action

Any action taken to ensure that the product of the project meets the requirements of the project as described in the scope document.

Perhaps you're working on a project that requires parts for the hardware you're building to be manufactured to certain specifications. When the first shipment of parts arrives, you discover that they're a half an inch too small. You notify the vendor of the problem and ask them to correct the process and send new parts in the specified size. Another example of a corrective action might include rearranging equipment delivery dates so that the project tasks stay on schedule. Any action you take to keep the project on track with the project plan is a corrective action.

Corrective actions are outputs of the Controlling process (which comes after the Executing process), but remember that they're inputs into the Executing process.

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