It's Party Time! - Project Management

Celebrate your success! Throw a party, take the team to lunch, or buy noise-makers and set them off at the last project team meeting. Recognize the success of the team, no matter how small the project.

This is also the time for you to officially thank the team members for their participation on the project. If significant accomplishments were made during the course of the project, consider giving awards to those who made the contributions. If the project was successful, this recognition should be done publicly. Keep in mind this isn't the first time you will have recognized team members who've done an exemplary job, but it does give you one last opportunity to recognize individual excellence as well as team effort. And reflecting on a job well done builds confidence and encourages you and the team members to stretch your skills and take on even more complex projects.

Celebration brings closure to the project and helps the team formally recognize the project's end. It helps smooth the transition and lets team members know that their contributions were appreciated. It also helps them cut the ties and begin thinking about their new assignments, so don't skip this process.

Now, go celebrate your own success! You've finished this book and learned some new things about project management that will help you manage your coming projects more efficiently and should grant you much success in your project management endeavors. Even if you never work under the title of "project manager," you'll no doubt be involved in several projects during the course of your career.What you've learned here will help you successfully see these projects through to completion.

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