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We've seen a couple of examples of roles and responsibilities charts in the preceding chapters. The Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) is the same idea. After you've constructed your WBS, you're ready to determine the types of skills and resources needed for the project. The RAM will help you do that.

Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)

A chart that ties roles and responsibilities with the WBS elements.

A RAM is usually depicted as a chart, with the types of resources needed listed in each row and the WBS elements as the columns. The intersection of a row and column contains an indicator that shows what level of activity is needed by the resource. This could consist of a simple word like Approve or Review, or it could contain a code that ties to a legend if you need to be more specific than a one-or two-word description.

Table Example Ram

RAMs can be developed for any level in the WBS. When you're working with subprojects within a major project, you might use RAMs for the level-three elements in the overall WBS and additional RAMs for the elements in the individual work breakdown structures constructed for the subprojects.

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