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You've created a lot of project information, documents, and processes throughout the project. Since you, or other project managers, can benefit from this information when creating the same documents for future projects, you'll want to archive all the project documents so that they will be accessible when needed. This includes everything you've created during the life of this project: the project charter, scope statement, project planning documents, quality plan, risk response plans, status reports, lessons learned, final acceptance document, and so on.

This includes any information you've stored on the intranet as well. You may find that you have a combination of documents if you've used the intranet as your project notebook. At the close of the project, I recommend that you create a file on the intranet site that describes where future project managers might find the paper documents that are associated with the project.The documents with signatures, such as the scope statement or final acceptance and so on, should be filed in a notebook or file drawer. Note their location in one of the intranet files. I recommend keeping your project information on the intranet as long as you can. Create an archived section on the intranet and move closed projects under that heading.

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