CONTROL - Production and Operations Management

The process through which the standards are established and met with standards is called control. This process consists of observing our activity performance, comparing the performance with some standard and then taking action if the observed performance is significantly too different from the standards.

The control process involves a universal sequence of steps as follows:

  1. Choose the control object
  2. Choose a unit of measure
  3. Set the standard value
  4. Choose a sensing device which can measure
  5. Measure actual performance
  6. Interpret the difference between actual and standard
  7. Taking action.

Need for Controlling Quality
In the absence of quality, the following will result:

  1. No yardstick for comparing the quality of goods/services.
  2. Difficulty in maintaining consistency in quality.
  3. Dissatisfied customers due to increased maintenance and operating costs of products/services.
  4. Increased rework cost while manufacturing products/providing services.
  5. Reduced life time of the products/services.
  6. Reduced flexibility with respect to usage of standard spare parts.
  7. Hence, controlling quality is an essential activity.

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