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The carousel storage system provides for a relatively high throughout rate and is often an attractive to the miniload AS/RS in the following types of applications:

  1. Storage and retrieval operations: In certain operations individual items must be selected from the group of item stored in the bin or basket. Sometimes called ‘pick and load’ operations, this type of procedure is common for order picking of service parts or other items in wholesale firm, tools in a toolroom, raw materials from a stockroom, and work-in-process in a factory. In small assembly operations such as electronics, carousels are used to accomplish kitting of parts that will be transported to the assembly workstations.
  2. Transport and accumulation: These are applications in which the carousel is used to transport and sort materials as they are stored. One example of this is in progressive assembly operations where the workstations are located around the periphery of a continuously moving carousel and the workers have access to the individual storage bins of the carousel. They remove work from the bins to complete their own respective assembly tasks, and then place their work into another bin for the next operation at some other workstation.
  3. Unique applications: These involve specialized uses of carousel storage systems. Examples include electrical testing of components, where the carousel is used to store the item during testing for a specified period of time; and drawer or cabinet storage, in which standard drawer-type cabinets are mounted on the carousel.

Storage carousels are finding an increasing number of applications in manufacturing operations, where it’s relatively low cost, versatility, and high reliability have been acknowledged. It represents a competitive to the miniload AS/RS and other AS/RS configurations for work-in-progress storage in manufacturing plant.

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