In and Out Food Service - Principles of service marketing management

When customers are on a tight time budget, making them wait unnecessarily at any point in the process is akin to stealing their time. Restaurant Hospitality, a trade magazine for the restaurant industry, offers the following 10 suggestions for serving customers quickly without making them feel like they've been pushed out of the door. As you'll see, some of these tactics involve front-stage processes while others take place backstage but it is the interaction between front stage and backstage that creates the desired service delivery.

  1. Distinguish between patrons who are in a hurry, and those who are not.
  2. Design specials that are quick.
  3. Guide hurried customers to those specials.
  4. Place the quickest, highest-margin menu items either first or last on the menu.
  5. Offer dishes that can be prepared ahead of time.
  6. Warn customers when they order menu items that will take a lot of time to prepare.
  7. Consider short-line buffets, roving carts, and more sandwiches.
  8. Offer "wrap"-style sandwiches, which are a quickly prepared, filling meal.
  9. Use equipment built for speed, like combination ovens.
  10. Eliminate preparation steps that require cooks to stop cooking.

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