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Overall, the MARS model provides an excellent diagnostic tool to figure out the primary causes of employee performance problems and the reasons why employees feel disengaged from their work. But MARS is just the first step in the process. Managers need to dig deeper

Three Parts to Managing Employee Motivation into each of the four factors.

Three Parts to Managing Employee Motivation into each of the four factors.

How well do managers motivate employees? Not very well, according to a recent survey of 13,000 employees. Only 40 percent of those polled believe that management actually motivates its workers. Motivating people is not as simple as dangling a financial carrot in front of them (even though some companies seem to rely mainly on that motivation strategy). Instead managers need to understand the dynamics of employee motivation as a process consisting of the three critical parts illustrated in Figure below.

The first part involves understanding and guiding employee drives and needs; in other words, figuring out what energizes people. The second part is the process in which managers rely on goals, expectations, and feedback to establish the direction of employee effort. The third part of the motivation process is to design both extrinsic and intrinsic rewards that fulfill employee drives and needs, and reinforce behavior that is consistent with organizational objectives.

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