Managerial ethics, are standards of conduct or moral judgement used by managers of organizations in caring out their business. Archi B Carroll, notes that three major levels of moral or ethical, judgement characterize managers: immoral management, amoral management, and moral management.

Immoral and Moral management

Immoral Management

Immoral management not only lacks ethical principles but also is actively opposed to ethical behaviour. This perspective is characterized by principal or exclusive concern for company gains, emphasis on profits and company success at virtually any price, lack of concern about the desires of others to be treated fairly, views of laws as obstacles to be overcome, and a willingness to "cut corners".

Moral Management

In contrast to immoral management, moral management strives to follow ethical principles and percepts. While moral managers also desire to succeed, they seek to do so only within the parameters of ethical standards and the ideals of fairness, justice, and due process. As a result, moral managers pursue business objectives that involve simultaneously making a profit and engaging in legal and ethical behaviours.

Amoral Management Definition

Amoral Management

The amoral management approach is neither immoral nor moral but, rather, ignores or is oblivious to ethical considerations. There are two types of amoral management:

Intentional: A moral managers do not include ethical concerns in their decision -making, or behaviour, because they basically think that general ethical standards are more appropriate to other areas of life than to business.

Unintentional: Amoral managers also do not think about ethical issues in their business dealings, but the reason is different. These managers are basically inattentive or incentive to the moral implications of their decision-making, actions, and behaviour. Overall amoral managers pursue profitability as a goal and may be generally well meaning, but intentionally or unintentionally they pay little attention to the impacts of their behaviours on others.

Characteristics of Managerial Ethics

Characteristics of Managerial Ethics

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