It is very difficult for an average manager to sort through all the different motivational theories and models and know when and how to maximize their application in widely differing situations. There should be a sound system of motivation to make the workers put forth their best efforts.

Sound Motivation

A sound system of motivation should have the following essential features.

  1. A sound motivation system should satisfy the needs and objectives of both organization and employees.
  2. Motivational system should change with the changes in the situation.
  3. Jobs should be designed in such a way as to provide challenge and variety.
  4. Managers should recruit the active co-operation of subordinates in improving the organization's output. Subordinates should be made to realize that they are stakeholders in the organization.
  5. The motivational system should satisfy the different needs of employees. It shouldbe directly related to the efforts of the employers.
  6. The motivational system should be simple so that it is easily understood by the workers.

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