Meaning of Learning in Organisational Behaviour

Learning is a term frequently used by a great number of people in a wide variety of contexts. Learning can be defined as a relatively permanent change in behaviour or potential behaviour as a result of direct or indirect experience. There are two primary elements in this definition:

  • The change must be relatively permanent. This means that after "learning" our behaviour must be different, either better or worse as compared to our behavior prior to this learning experience. For example you "learn" to drive a car or have learned how to use a computer.
  • This change must occur due to some kind of experience or practice. This learning is not caused by biological maturation. For example a child does not learn to walk, it is a natural biological phenomenon. We do not learn to eat or drink.

Learning is thus a change in behaviour as a result of experience. Different psychologists and behavioural scientists have defined learning differently. Given below are a few important definitions of learning:

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