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Development Class

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Development Class

BW objects are created as local objects and are saved in the development class $TMP. A development class is a group of objects that are logically related—that is,objects that must be developed,maintained,and transported together.

$TMP is a temporary local development class. Objects in $TMP cannot be transported into other systems. The names of development classes that we create must begin with "Y" or "Z". In this section,we will create a transportable development class. In the next section,we will assign BW objects to the transportable development class.

Work Instructions:Step 1. Run transaction SE80,and then click.

Step 2. Enter ZBW2 as the development class name,and then click to create the class.

Step 3. Select a transport layer,and then click to save it.

Note: A transport layer links development classes with a transport route. The transport route specifies where to transport objects. In our example,these routes have already been set up.

Step 4. We are prompted to enter a transport request for this development class so that it can be transported to other systems. We can either create a new transport request or use an existing one. Click to create a new one.

Step 5. Enter a short description for the transport request,and then click to save the transport request.

Step 6. The new transport request is assigned to the development class. Click to finish.

Result: We have created a new development class. Likewise,a transport request has been created for the development class.