Limitations of Organisational behaviour

The limitations of organisational behaviour modification techniques, as discussed previously are effective in eliciting desirable behaviours from employees in work situations, there are some limitations that make these techniques ineffective in certain situations:

  1. Behaviour modification is an overall structure and ignores, individual difference. People have different needs, desire, values and abilities. They cannot all respond to the same stimuli in the same manner. For example, not all people value praise for their performance as a desired reinforcement.
  2. Behaviour modification programmes assume that extrinsic rewards are the key factors in behaviour modification and they ignore the fact that employees can be intrinsically motivated. The extrinsic rewards in the form of money and praise Perception and Learning primarily satisfy the lower level needs, while there are some people who strive for higher level needs such as self esteem and self actualisation which are satisfied by the nature of the job and pride in accomplishing such a job.
  3. Behaviour modification ignores prevailing work-group norms. It is important for the management to recognize the power of work-group norms. Most people working together tend to be emotionally attached to each other, thus sympathising with each others needs. For example strike and protests.

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