The problem of leadership has been one of man's major concerns since the days of antiquity. Leadership was a matter of concern even in biblical times. The children of Israel needed someone to guide them out of their bond age in Egypt, and Moses stepped forward to lead them in their journey to the promised holy land of Israel. In the 20th century, Great Britain needed the leadership of Winston Churchill to successfully combat her enemies in the 2nd World War. In the same way Franklin D Roosevelt provided leadership to the American people, Adolph Hitler in Germany, Stalin in USSR and M.K.Gandhi in India.

Coming to the business enterprises, people working there need leaders, who could be instrumental in guiding the efforts of groups of workers to achieve the goals of both individuals and the organization. Leadership is a process of influence on a group.

Leadership is the ability of a manager to induce subordinates to work with confidence and zeal. Peter F Drucker considers "leadership" as a human characteristic which lifts a man's vision to higher sights, raises a man's performance to higher standards and builds man's personality beyond its normal limitations.

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