The importance of leadership in an organization cannot be denied. People working in an organization need individuals (leaders) who could be instrumental in guiding the efforts of groups of workers to achieve goals and objectives of both the individuals and the organization. The leader guides the action of others in accomplishing these tasks. A good leader motivates his subordinates, creates confidence and increases the morale of the workers. In the words of Peter F Drucker - "Good leadership is a must for the success of a business but the business leaders are the scarcest resources of any enterprise".

The following points highlight the importance of leadership:-

  1. Leadership is the process of influencing the activities of an individual or a group towards the achievement of a goal.
  2. An effective leader motivates the subordinates for higher level of performance.
  3. Leadership promotes team - spirit and team - work which is quite essential for the success of any organization.
  4. Leadership is an aid to authority. A leadership helps in the effective use of formal authority.
  5. Leadership creates confidence in the subordinates by giving them proper guidance and advice.

The history of business is full of instances where good leaders led their business concerns to unprecedented peaks of success .To quote George R Terry - "

The will to do is triggered by leadership and lukewarm desires for achievement are transformed into burning passe.. for successful accomplishments by the skilful use of leadership."

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