Though psychologists and social scientists unanimously agree to the importance of personality, they are unable to come out with a unanimous definition. Many authorities on the subject have defined personality in different ways. Some of the definitions are reproduced below:

Probably the most meaningful approach would be to include both the person and the role as Floyd L Ruch does in his definition. He states that:

"the human personality includes:

  1. External appearance and behaviour or social stimulus value
  2. Inner awareness of self as a permanent organizing force
  3. The particular pattern or organization of measurable traits, both "inner and "outer"."

Gordon All port gave the most frequently used definition of personality nearly 70 years ago. He said personality is "the dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine his unique adjustments to his environment".

James D Thompson and Donald Van Houten define personality as - "a very diverse and complex psychological concept. The word "personality" may mean something like outgoing, invigorating interpersonal abilities … but we must also recognize and explain the fact that development results in man acquiring a distinctiveness or uniqueness which gives him identity which enables him and us to recognize him as apart from others.

These distinguishing characteristics are summarized by the term personality".

Definition of Personality in Organisational behaviour

From the above definitions we can say that personality in organisational behaiviour is a very diverse and complex psychological concept. It is concerned with external appearance and behaviour, self, measurable traits, and situational interactions. The words of Clyde Kleeckholn and H. A

Murray can be used to sum up the meaning of this complex term personality whey they said "that to some extent, a person's personality is like all other people's, like some other people's, like no other people's ".

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