Definition of Organisation Behaviour

The term 'Organisation' connotes different things to different people. Many writers have attempted to state the nature, characteristics and principles of organisation in their own way. It can be used as a group of persons working together or as a structure of relationships or as a process of management. Now, let us analyse some of the important definition of organising or organisation, and understand the meaning of organisation.

According to North Whitehead, "Organisation is the adjustment of diverse elements, so that their mutual relationship may exhibit more pre-determined quality."

In the words of Theo Haimann, "Organising is the process of defining and grouping the activities of the enterprise and establishing the authority relationships among them. In performing the organising function, the manager defines, departmentalises and assigns activities so that they can be most effectively executed."

In the words of Mooney and Railey, "Organisation is the form of every human association for the attainment of a common purpose.”

Meaning of Organisation

According to John M Pfiffner and Frank P Sherwood, "Organisation is the pattern of ways in which large number of people, too many to have intimate face- to- face contact with all others, and engaged in a complexity of tasks, relate themselves to each other in the conscious, systematic establishment and accomplishment of mutually agreed purposes.”

In the words of Koontz and O'Donnell, "Organisation involves the grouping of activities necessary to accomplish goals and plans, the assignment of these activities to appropriate departments and the provision of authority, delegation and co-ordination."

According to Noirthcott, C H, "Organisation refers to arrangements by which tasks are assigned to men and women so that their individual efforts contribute effectively to some more or less clearly defined purpose for which they have been brought together."

In the words of G E Milward, "Organisation is a process of dividing work into convenient tasks or duties, of grouping such duties in the form of posts of delegating authority to each post and of appointing qualified staff to be responsible that the work is carried out as planned."

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