The organizational culture is a system of shared beliefs and attitudes that develop within an organization and guides the behaviour of its members. There are clear-cut guidelines as to how employees are to behave generally within organization. The employees need to learn how the particular enterprise does things.

A few definitions on the term organizational culture are given below:-

According to Hersey, Blanchard and Johnson “ Organizational culture is itself a complex phenomenon with many interpretations. organizational culture is shared basic assumptions, or beliefs, about how to cope with the two fundamental problems that all groups and organizations face: survival and adaptation to the external environment and the internal integration and coordination of organizational functioning”.

From the above definitions, culture may be considered as the general pattern of behaviour, shared beliefs, and values that organizational members have in common. Culture involves the learning and transmitting of knowledge, beliefs and patterns of behaviour over a period of time. Culture can be inferred from what people say, do, and think within an organizational setting. It often sets tight tone for the organization and establishes implied rules for the way people should behave. It is important to recognize that culture is learned and helps people in their efforts to interact and communicate with others in the society.

When placed in a culture where values and beliefs are different, some people have a great deal of difficulty in adjusting.

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