Arguments In Favour Of Social Responsibility Of Business

Business is a creation of society and therefore it should respond to the demands of the society

Business managers are obliged to use its resources for the common good of society because the business uses resources which belong to the society. It is therefore necessary that every business enterprise should fulfil its obligations to society.

The self-interest of business is best served by meeting the aspirations of society

The long-term self-interests of the business are best served when business assumes social responsibilities. People who have good environment, education and opportunity make better employees, and customers for the business. Hence there is a growing realization on the part of the enlightened business managers that it is in their self-interest to fulfil the aspirations of the society.

To improve the public image of business

The business will retain the needed credibility with the public if it performs its social obligations. Good relations with workers, consumers and suppliers will lead to success of business.

It is the moral thing to do

he social responsibilities of business managers must be proportionate to their social power. If the business managers do not assume social responsibility, their social power will be taken away by the society through government control and regulations and other measures.

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