Pre School Teacher Interview Questions & Answers

Pre School Teacher Interview Questions

Are you a person with a bachelor’s degree or diploma in early childhood education? Are you a person with XDA or CPR certificate then login to Wisdom jobs online site. A pre school teacher is a type of early childhood educator who instructs children from 2 to 4 years of age which stands as the youngest stretch of early childhood education. Pre school children have a short attention span and their worries are usually fairlysimple. Preschool teacher need to have patience and a sense of humour, flexibility, understanding all children are different , passion for early children. So grab the opportunity of preschool teaching in different educational institutions, child-care centres, Day care as teachers, assistants, caretakers, paraprofessional, class room substitutes, teaching associates and so on by looking into Preschool teacher job interview question and answers given.

Pre School Teacher Interview Questions And Answers

Pre School Teacher Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. Why Is Working As A Preschool Teacher Important To You?

      Answer :

      As far back as I can remember, I have enjoyed being around children. I am an ambitious individual and have the flare of ensuring children’s personal, social and cognitive development. These factors are behind my interest in working as a preschool teacher.

    2. Question 2. But Isn’t This Work Extremely Challenging?

      Answer :

      For sure it is! Working as a preschool teacher means that you are molding lives. And it is great responsibility. I believe that I am ready for this responsibility though.

    3. Question 3. What Have Been Your Prime Duties As A Preschool Teacher In The Past?

      Answer :

      I have been actively involved in creating preschool curriculum and lesson plans, and implementing both according to the protocols of the school and state. Imparting education to young students according to their specific learning speeds, ensuring that they are kept comfortable during their time at school and making sure that behavior models are maintained, was also part of my work. Additionally, I was responsible for creating and maintaining a classroom environment that is conducive to young students’ development and learning.

    4. Question 4. What Skills Do You Possess That Make You A Great Preschool Teacher?

      Answer :

      I am patient and flexible – two attributes that are core ingredients that should be present in a preschool teacher. Since I am a trained preschool teacher, I am well-aware of creating and using age-appropriate teaching materials, evaluating student performances and providing them with a safe and nurturing environment to thrive in. Additionally, I am proficient in handling in-class problems before they become crises.

    5. Question 5. How Do You Handle Adversity From Children?

      Answer :

      I do not think of what is considered bad behavior as adversity. It is alright for children to question and be stubborn at times. I take it in stride and make sure that I respond with positivity.

    6. Question 6. Have You Ever Had To Handle An In-class Emergency?

      Answer :

      One of the students that I was teaching seemed to go into an epileptic fit all of a sudden. Thankfully, I had read his file just that morning because he was a newly admitted student and I knew exactly what emergency procedures to follow, and did the needful.

    7. Question 7. What Is Your Method To Incorporate Play Into Regular School Work?

      Answer :

      I am all for incorporating play into regular school work which makes the latter interesting for young students. I use technology, usually smart boards, to help me do this, along with making sure that I bring in as much interactive activities as possible.

    8. Question 8. What Are Your Lesson Plans Aimed At?

      Answer :

      All my lesson plans are aimed at organizing and leading school activities that promote physical, mental, academic and social development of each child, based on his or her ability to cope and learn.

    9. Question 9. Do You Think Students With Special Needs Should Be Enrolled In A Regular Program? Why Or Why Not?

      Answer :

      It all depends on the nature of disability and the student’s own ability to cope. If the student does not get traumatized, I believe there is no harm in enrolling his or her into a regular school program.

    10. Question 10. Do You Have Any Experience With Students With Special Needs?

      Answer :

      While my experience isn’t too vast in this area, I have handled a couple of students with physical and mental disabilities over the course of my career – and have done well in adjusting them.

    11. Question 11. How Do You Handle Behavioral Problems In Class?

      Answer :

      Students at the preschool level are in the initial learning processes which is why it is important for a teacher to come down to their level. I almost never reprimand my students for bad behavior although I do speak to them in a calm and controlled manner by explaining to them why they have behaved wrongly. At the end, I always encourage handshakes or high fives which helps in minimizing hard feelings.

    12. Question 12. What Is Your Belief About The Most Important Aspect Of A Preschool Staff?

      Answer :

      It is the primary duty of a preschool staff to ensure that students are taught to develop a positive attitude towards education. It is import to build independence, raise confidence and celebrate students’ differences. It is also important to ensure that students interact positively with each other.

    13. Question 13. How Important Do You Believe The First Five Years Of A Child’s Life Are And Why?

      Answer :

      The formative years of every child are extremely important. This is the time they are provided with a foundation on which they work for the next decade. Also, the first five years are important because children have the capacity to absorb a lot at this time and we as instructors need to ensure that they make full use of this.

    14. Question 14. Why Did You Choose To Become A Preschool Teacher?

      Answer :

      A preschool teacher is a demanding job requiring specific dedication and motivation.

      This includes a natural passion for encouraging and helping young children to reach their potential, a genuine enjoyment of being surrounded by children, a strong feeling of reward resulting from the successes of the children in your care and a desire to respond to and empathize with the struggles and challenges the children may face.

    15. Question 15. What Do You Like Most About The Preschool Teaching Job?

      Answer :

      "The highlight of my teaching day is when I see the excitement of the children when they learn something new, when they are able to do something for the first time. It is very fulfilling how responsive young children are to learning, to see their enthusiasm for different and fresh activities."

       "I enjoy getting to know each child as a unique individual, finding out what makes them tick and then using this knowledge to help them grow, to maximize their strengths and to build their confidence and competence. I find it so rewarding to be an integral part of their development."

    16. Question 16. What Do You Like Least?

      Answer :

      It is important to be prepared for preschool interview questions like this.

      "Children this age can so easily become distracted and I have found this a challenge. I have become less frustrated with this aspect as I have gained more experience and found effective ways to encourage concentration and focus such as involving the children more in the activity, asking them questions and seeking suggestions from them."

    17. Question 17. What Are The Key Responsibilities Of A Preschool Teacher?

      Answer :

      "Preschool education is not just about teaching letters and numbers but also about instilling values and characteristics such as a love of learning, curiosity, discipline, teamwork, independence, communication and socialization skills."

    18. Question 18. What Do You Consider Your Strengths As A Preschool Teacher?

      Answer :

      Possible strengths include the ability to observe each child keenly and objectively in order to best meet each individual needs, planning and organizational skills to ensure the day is a productive as possible, strong communication skills to build positive relationships with each child, dedication, flexibility, energy and creativity, high levels of patience and a good sense of humor.

    19. Question 19. Describe Your Approach To Classroom Management?

      Answer :

      Possible answers to this type of preschool teacher interview question include:

      "Managing a class full of preschoolers is challenging, I have to gain their respect and ensure appropriate behavior without intimidating them. A successful approach is to control the classroom while keeping things educational, enjoyable and encouraging.

      I achieve this through excellent organization of both learning activities and the learning environment. The classroom is a supportive and structured environment where children learn while having fun."

    20. Question 20. How Do You Encourage Children To Work In Groups?

      Answer :

      Group work is essential for learning cooperation and collaboration. How do you incorporate group work into your activities. Discuss a couple of projects you instigated such as a hands-on art activity that involved the preschoolers working together in groups.

    21. Question 21. What Do You Consider To Be The Role Of Parents In Preschool ?

      Answer :

      As a preschool teacher you need to be able to balance the needs of the parents and children.

      You want parental buy-in. Discuss how you communicate with and involve the parents including newsletters, notes home, progress reports, organizing family days and parent activities.

    22. Question 22. Tell Me About A Typical Daily Schedule In Your Classroom?

      Answer :

      • Provide a concise overview of the types of activities you engage the preschoolers in, rather than a minute-to-minute account of your day. Give reasons for your choice of schedule.
      • "I like to mix it up between indoor and outdoor activity, big and small group and individual activities, free play and structured activities, and hands-on and listening activities . This keeps the children engaged and provides opportunities for both learning and fun. I start with a large group activity and then move on to .."  
      • Emphasize your ability to be flexible and to adapt your schedule to meet changing needs and demands.

    23. Question 23. Please Summarize Your Preschool Teaching Philosophy?

      Answer :

      This is a personal question that you need to think about in-depth before your job interview. Possible examples include:

      "I strongly believe it is important for preschoolers to be in an environment that is both consistent and secure. A nurturing and supportive school environment makes the child feel safe and instills confidence. I believe learning and development are optimized when a child is secure and comfortable."

      "I believe that a mixture of structured activities and free and creative play allow for optimal learning and fun. Each child is an unique individual and should be allowed to learn at his or her own pace. Activities should be centered on establishing self-esteem and confidence".

    24. Question 24. How Have You Handled A Recent Behavioral Problem In The Classroom?

      Answer :

      Discuss how you speak to the children involved, explore the reason for the bad behavior, show them the difference between right and wrong, guide and help the children towards appropriate behavior. Detail the types of discipline you use. Support why you use these methods.

      "I prefer to use time out with preschool children. It gives the child time to cool off and reflect on what he or she has done. After a couple of minutes of being removed from the group I discuss the misbehavior with the child and provide guidance for selecting the right response or behavior the next time"

      This is an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of child development :

      "Children who behave aggressively at this age are often unable to verbalize their feelings because they lack the language skills."

    25. Question 25. Give Me An Example Of When You Had To Recently Deal With A Concerned Or Angry Parent?

      Answer :

      Parental involvement can be negative as well as positive. It is important to be able to manage this.

      Appropriate methods include speaking privately to the parent away from the children, listening closely to the parent's concerns, asking the right questions and ensuring you understand the situation before you explain or discuss possible solutions, showing genuine concern and empathy and remaining calm and professional.

    26. Question 26. Describe How You Created A Happy Learning Environment For The Children In Your Previous Job?

      Answer :

      This preschool teacher interview question is to evaluate how well you manage your classroom. Effective organization is the cornerstone to this. Describe how you have created a welcoming, structured and supportive learning environment.

      Focus on the physical environment, such as labeled desks, the classroom library, storage etc, your daily schedule including the type of activities you organize and the behavioral aspect including your classroom rules and consequences. Use your communication skills to ensure your enthusiasm and passion is evident.

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