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What is the use of Reactive Power Control of Converters?

Stations will be line commutated in high voltage direct current (HVDC) converters which means that the initial current of the valve will be postponed in reference to a zero value of the converter bus voltage in AC form. As a result of this, converter bus will be connected to a reactive power source to control voltage in a better way.

Reactive power sources will be used for differentiating capacitors in static systems and their response will be stated by voltage control in dynamic conditions.

During the operation of unstable AC systems, problems may occur due to unstable voltage and overvoltage surges. A good management of reactive power sources will be necessary for simplifying firing angles control. Consequently, this feature of the reactive power converter has been widely applied in modern converters using HVDC.

Reactive Power Control in Steady State

Equations expressing reactive power as a function of active power will be given in terms of unit quantities.

Base converter voltage is given by


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