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What are the different rules for walking smartly for a positive body language?

The manner in which a person walks is also an essential component of positive body language. The walking style signifies the personality of a person such as the confidence of the person, the manners of the person etc. As walking styles are very important there are many institutions that teach on the different walking styles.

Rule 1: Stand Erect and Face Up

The first and the most important rule of walking for positive body language is that a person should not bend while walking. A person should always stand erect and face should be straight while walking. The visions of the person should be straight while walking. A person is considered to be weak and lack energy when the person bends while walking.

Added to that, a person has to suffer from health issues such as pack pains, ailments when a person walks with a bad posture for a long time.

Stand Erect and Face Up

Rule 2: Use All Muscles

While walking, it is to keep in mind that all the muscles of the legs should be used for walking. The style of walking should enable to roll forward the foot from heel to toe. This style of walking enables the muscles of the calf to work and thus the feet can be placed at proper angle for each of the steps.

Rule 3: Pull Back the Shoulders

For a proper walking style, a person should pull back the shoulders and the person should feel relaxed. This provides vertical support to the walk. The chances of injury while walking can be reduced by pull back of the shoulders, with the straight back and with a straight chin. This style of walking signifies confidence and strength.

Pull Back the Shoulders

When walking, a person can portray confidence by swinging the shoulders as well. During the beginning of the walk, the arc of the movement of the arms should be small and as the speed of the walk becomes faster, the arc of the movements of the arms will increase.

Rule 4: Get the Correct Pace

When a person is walking and talking to other person, then the walking pace should be maintained in such a manner that the person can comfortable speaks with the other person and should not feel breathless.

A positive body language involves only the short strides of walk. Long strides of walking are not suggested as the muscles of the legs stretch unnecessarily. Some of the researches also conclude that talking for long strides which involve swag of the shoulders have a certain type of sex-appeal.

Proper care should be taken regarding the length of the step and the hips. The hips should be a flat level and the all the steps should be of equal length. It is to be considered that arms should be at 90 degrees and the arms should be swing properly. Knees should be pointed forward. The position of the head should be straight and should be tilted or in a slanting position or bend down. And while walking the first thing that is to b landed on the floor should be the heel of the foot and not the toe.

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