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What are the best seating arrangements in positive body language?

In the cases of formal job interviews, it is always suggested the interviewee should sit quite opposite to the interviewer on the parallel sides of the table. The same principle is followed while playing some of the indoor competitive games such as chess.

In the situations when a person is counselling or teaching to other person, it is suggested to sit in a right angle position of the other person implying that the person should sit in an L shape with other person.

Most often it is observed in the libraries that people tend to sit in a diagonal position to the other person. This signifies that the person does not involve in any of the matters of the other person and both are independent. In instances where two people need to support or co-operate on the same task, then both of them tend to sit on the same side of the table and both of them sit beside each other.

When two people sit on the opposite sides of the table facing each other, it signifies the competitive position of both the people. In this position there is minimum communication between the two people.

Competitive Position

It is always suggested to prefer a round table when more than two people are there. This round table eliminates the siding of the power on one side and does not carry any discrepancies regarding the sides, as there are no sides. The power tends to be distributed equally among all th people involved and this seating arrangement is considered as the best arrangement for the events such as group discussions.

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