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What is mirroring in positive body language?

People can develop relations with other people usually by the act of mirroring. People when intend to build relations with others usually tend to mirror others. For instance, when a person is walking by looking downwards, the people following will also look down while walking.

One of the common instances of mirroring is yawning. When a person yawns, the other people around him also feel like yawning and even they yawn. The same concept of mirroring applies when a person smiles or laughs. The other person also smiles or laughs.

Mirroring Yawn

Mirroring is very helpful for queues as the people who are in a queue waiting are followed by the other people and join then into a queue. As the people in the front of the queue obey the rules and maintains queue, similarly the other people joining the queue also obey the rules and maintain the queue. According to the researchers, it is considered that people who dress in a similar fashion become friends easily.

Mirroring helps in building the relations with others easily and hence considered as a relation building tool. When a person mirrors other person it signifies that the other person likes and wants to develop relations. The person can examine whether other person is interested or not by simply performing some action and observe if the other person is enacting the same. This shows the interest of the other person.

Rapport Building Tool

It is studies that women tend to mirror other women more than men mirror other men. There are few instances, when men tend to mirror women.

It is also found by researches that when men mirror the women, then it is signified by women that men seems to be more caring attractive and appealing. This may result in a sex appeal for men. Mirroring is determined as difficult task for men but women consider it as a comfortable act.

It is also studies that people look, behave and think similarly when they re in a relationship for a longer period of time. Mirroring signifies that one person respects the other person. When a person is speaking, mirroring has an important role to play. As when in group discussions and other conversations the pace, pitch and pause of the person should mirror with others.

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