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The last type of functionality in this brief introduction is looping. Looping allows you to repeat the execution of code. Listing is an example of a for loop. The for statement expects three parameters separated by semicolons. The first parameter is executed once before the loop begins. It usually initializes a variable. The second parameter makes a test. This is usually a test against the variable named in the first parameter. The third parameter is executed every time the end of the loop is reached.

The for loop will execute three times. The initialization code sets the variable count to be one. Then the testing code compares the value of count to three. Since one is less than or equal to three, the code inside the loop executes. Notice that the script prints the value of count. When you run this script you will find that count will progress from one to three. The reason is that the third part of the for statement is adding one to count each time through the loop. The ++ operator increments the variable immediately to its left.

The first time through the loop count is one, not two. This is because theincrement of count doesn't occur until we reach the closing curly brace. After the third time through the loop, count will be incremented to four, but at that point four will not be less than or equal to three, so the loop will end. Execution continues at the command following the loop code block.

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