Installation on IIS for Windows NT PHP

The first step is to install PHP. You do not need to compile PHP for Windows. A binary distribution is available on the Web site. Download the zip file and expand it wherever you wish. I put mine in c:\php4. Next, copy the file php.ini-dist into your system root directory, which is probably c:\winnt. Rename it php.ini. When PHP is invoked, it looks first for php.ini in this directory. Although you don't need to, you may wish to edit it to change configuration parameters, including automatically loading extensions. Comments in the file explain the purpose of each configuration directive.

The next step is to make sure the required DLL files are in your path. One way is to copy the two required files to your system directory, such as c:\winnt\system32. Alternatively, you can click on the system icon in the control panel and add your PHP directory to the system path.

You need to tell IIS that files ending with a particular extension, such as .php, should be processed with PHP. IIS calls this process an ISAPI filter. Open the Management Console that allows you to configure all aspects of IIS. One of the tabs for editing a Web server allows you to edit ISAPI filters. Add one. You should call it PHP, and point to the php4isapi.dll file, which should be with the rest of the files you installed with PHP. This file is really small, but it loads the PHP core from another library, php4ts.dll.

Now that you've added the filter, you need to associate it with an extension. Look for the home directory configuration button in the properties dialog. Add a new entry to the list of application mappings. Choose .php for the extension, and find your php4isapi.dll file again. Leave the text box labeled "method exclusions" blank, and check the script engine checkbox.

The last step is to restart the Web server. Stopping it from the management console is not sufficient. You must stop the service itself either from the command line with net stop w3svc,or by using the services control panel. After stopping it, restart it.

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