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One interesting thing I've learned in my years in the Web development business is that no two shops build Web applications the same way. Some have a mix of people who may be talented in certain areas, but all can do the same type of work. Others enforce a strict separation between those who do HTML and those who write scripts. Others draw the line between a graphic design group and an engineering group that does HTML and scripting. It can become inefficient for an HTML group to be requesting changes from a scripting group.

FastTemplate addresses this problem by separating HTML from PHP. Templates are written in HTML and may contain special codes surrounded by curly braces. A PHP script loads the templates, defines values for the special codes and replaces them. The codes may be replaced with other templates or with data created by PHP.

The implication is that people unable to work with PHP code will be comfortable working with template files that better resemble plain HTML. Small changes to the HTML can be made without interaction with the engineers, who might be grumpy about making changes. In addition, the engineers won't have to worry about novices introducing errors into their scripts.

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