Patient Education for Eye Medication - Pharmacology

It is important that patients understand the effects of their eye disorder and the effects of the medication treating the condition. Patients are anxious about eye disorders fearing that they could lose their vision.

Demonstrate the proper technique to administer eye drops and ointment. Be sure that the patient knows how to maintain a sterile technique so the eyedrop-per does not become contaminated.

Tell the patient about expected side effects such as blurry vision and that administering the medication at bedtime can avoid problems that could arise from temporary loss of vision.

The patient should record each time they administer the medication. This is especially important for patients who are confused or forgetful and could accidentally receive an overdose of the medication. The patient should not stop taking the medication without consulting his or her healthcare provider.

Ophthalmic medications

TABLE : Ophthalmic medications.

Ask the patient to wear a medical alert bracelet if they are taking glaucoma medications or if they are allergic to any medication.

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