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The main purpose of the payroll run is to calculate employee pay correctly at regular intervals.In addition you can perform other payroll processes to ensure accuracy and provide flexibility for your organization.For example,you can roll back a payroll run when you want to carry out a test run without keeping any record of it having taken place.You can also run a RetroPay process when you want to make retrospective adjustments to allow for backdated pay awards.

Does Oracle Payroll enable you to run part payrolls?

Yes,Oracle Payroll enables you to run part payrolls.This is useful in each of the following circumstances where you do not want to processa payroll for the entire organization.

Calculating Pay for an Individual Employee

If an employee leaves the company before the end of a payroll period,you will need to calculate the individual pay entitlement.You may also want to calculate individual pay to check the details for an employee before starting a payroll run for all employees.

Specifying What Details You Can Include in a Payroll Run

You may want to specify that only particular types of earnings or particular categories of employee should be included in a payroll run.

Can you verify that a payroll run has completed successfully?

On completion of a payroll run you will need to verify that the run completed successfully.You can display run messages and view latest balances and assignment level results.You may also need to have relevant information grouped by topic in report format so that you can review the outcome of processing.

Can you make adjustments after a payroll run has completed?

Oracle Payroll enables you to make each of the following types of adjustment when a payroll run has completed.

  • Addition of late entries that were not included in the initial run
  • Corrections to details that were wrongly entered in the initial run
  • Retrospective distribution of current payments to the period in which they were earned

When you have made these corrections and modifications you can then run the payroll again.However,you do not need to rerun the entire payroll.Oracle Payroll will only reprocess those items that were incorrect in the initial run.

Can you produce payment and costing information from a completed payroll run?

Oracle Payroll enables you to use the results of a payroll run to allocate payments to your employees,and to provide costing information.

Ensuring that Employees are Paid by the Correct Payment Method

When a payroll run has completed you need to pay each employee according to the payment methods that you have specified.You mayalso need to override the predefined payment methods where employees are receiving special payments such as bonuses,which maynot be paid by the usual methods of payment.

Ensuring that Costing Information Can be Provided

On completion of a payroll run you may need to distribute the associated costs across particular cost centers. For information on this,see:Cost Analysis Overview in Using Oracle HRMS – The Fundamentals

Can you run payroll processes and reports multilingually?

Payroll processes and reports are always submitted and always run inthe local language only.This means that US and UK payroll reports canonly be run in English.

Can you verify that payments have been made?

Yes.Oracle Payroll is fully integrated with Oracle Cash Management.

This enables you to use Oracle Cash Management to verify that payments have been cashed.Reconciliation can be applied to payroll checks(cheques)and third party checks.You can identify which check shave been cleared and the date on which they were cleared.You can also view a reconciliation report which shows if voided checks appearto have been cashed.

Does Oracle Payroll Support Electronic Data Transfer to TIAA–CREF?

If your employees contribute to a TIAA-CREF retirement plan,you can use Oracle Payroll to track their TIAA-CREF contributions,and generate an output file for direct submission to TIAA-CREF.Oracle Payroll provides you with pre-defined balances for TIAA-CREF contribution tracking and supports the TIAA-CREF file format for electronic submission.

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