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What is OrientDB Upgrading?

While upgrading, you need to remember the version number and the layout. There are three types of formats - primary, MINOR, PATCH.

  • MAJORmodel includes incompatible API changes.
  • MINOR model includes functionality in a backward-compatible manner.
  • PTCH model includes backward-compatible bug fixes.

To synchronize between minor and primary versions, you can want to export and import the databases. sometimes you a lot want to migrate the database from local to PLOCAL and want to migrate the graph to RidBag.

Migrate from local storage Engine to PLOCAL

Starting from version 1.5.x OrientDB comes with a latest storage engine: PLOCAL (Paginated local). it's persistent like the local, but stores data in a special way. Following points show the comparison among PLOCAL and local −

  • In PLOCAL data are saved in cluster files, while with local turned into split between cluster and information-segments.
  • PLOCAL is greater durable than local because of the append-on-write mode.
  • PLOCAL has minor contention locks on writes, this means that more concurrency.
  • PLOCAL does not use memory Mapping techniques (MMap) so the behavior is more "predictable".

To migrate your nearby storage to the new PLOCAL, you want to export and re-import the database the usage of PLOCAL as storage engine. Following is the technique.

Step 1 − Open a new shell (Linux/Mac) or a Command prompt (windows).

Step 2 − Export the database the usage of the console. follow the given command to export database demo into demo.json.gzip file.

Step 3 − On a local filesystem, create a new database using the "plocal" engine –

Step 4 − Import the old database to the new one.

If you access the database within the equal JVM, consider to alternate the URL from "local:" to "plocal:"

Migrate Graph to RidBag

As of OrientDB 1.7, the RidBag is a default series that manages adjacency relations in graphs. while the older database managed by using an MVRB-Tree are fully compatible, you may replace your database to the more recent layout.

You may upgrade your graph through console or the usage of the ORidBagMigration class.

  • Connect to database connect plocal:databases/
  • Run upgrade graph command

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