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What is OrientDB Backup Database?

Like RDBMS, OrientDB also supports the backing and reinstate operations. While executing the backup operation, it will take all files of the current database into a compressed zip format using the ZIP algorithm. This feature (Backup) can be availed automatically by permitting the Automatic-Backup server plugin.

Taking backup of a database or exporting a database is the same, however, based on the procedure we have to be familiar with when to use backup and when to use export.
While taking backup, it will generate a consistent copy of a database, all further write operations are locked and waiting to terminate the backup process. In this operation, it will create a read-only backup file.
If you need the concomitant read and write operation while taking a backup you have to select exporting a database instead of taking backup of a database. Export doesn’t lock the database and allows concurrent writes during the export process.
The subsequent statement is the basic syntax of database backup.
Following are the details about the options in the above syntax.
<dburl> − The database URL where the database is located either in the local or in the remote location.
<user> − Specifies the username to run the backup.
<password> − Provides the password for the particular user.
<destination> − Destination file location stating where to store the backup zip file.
<type> − Optional backup type. It has either of the two options.
•Default − locks the database during the backup.
•LVM − uses LVM copy-on-write snapshot in background.


Take a backup of the database demo which is positioned in the local file system /opt/orientdb/databases/demo into a file named sample-demo.zip and located into the current directory.
You can use the following authority or command to take a backup of the database demo.

Using Console

The same you can do using the OrientDB console. Before taking the backup of a particular database, you have to first connect to the database. You can use the following command to connect to the database named demo.
After connecting you can use the following command to take backup of the database into a file named ‘backup-demo.zip’ in the current directory.
If this control is executed successfully, you will get some success notifications along with following message.

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