Introduction to the Concept of Conflict - Organisational Behaviour

It is very difficult to imagine a conflict free world and therefore, a conflict free organization. In the previous chapters, we have seen the myriad aspects on which each individual is unique. Personalities are varied, the way we look at the world, our perceptions are different, our attitudes vary and what motivates us is different. This uniqueness is a major reason of the conflicts that we encounter in our personal as well as professional life.

Concepts of Conflict

Conflict is a natural disagreement arising between two or more people. It exists when they have incompatible goals and one or more believe that the behaviour of the other prevents them from their own goal achievement.

It is a process in which one party (person or group) perceives that it’s interests are being opposed or negatively affected by the other party.

Reasons for conflict

  1. Each one is a unique personality.
  2. Incompatible needs: Resources are limited but we need them at the same time and in maximum quantity.
  3. Perceptions: We look at the same picture but with our own eyes.
  4. Values: We value different things.
  5. Beliefs are varied.
  6. Cultural differences.
  7. Job Design.

And the list goes on…However, what come out of the conflict depends on what we do with it and how we handle it. “Are conflicts always bad?” is an interesting question to answer, especially in an organizational context.

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