Using Different Versions of Export - Oracle 8i

This section describes the general behavior and restrictions of running an Export version that is different from Oracle8i.

Using a Previous Version of Export
In general, you can use the Export utility from any Oracle release 7 to export from an Oracle8i server and create an Oracle release 7 export file.

Oracle Version 6 (or earlier) Export cannot be used against an Oracle8i database. Whenever a lower version Export utility runs with a higher version of the Oracle database server, categories of database objects that did not exist in the lower version are excluded from the export.

Note: When backward compatibility is an issue, use the earlier release or version of the Export utility against the Oracle8i database, and use conventional path Export.

Attention: Export files generated by Oracle8i Export, either direct path or conventional path, are incompatible with earlier releases of Import and can be imported only with Oracle8i Import.

Using a Higher Version of Export
Attempting to use a higher version of Export with an earlier Oracle database server often produces the following error:

EXP-37: Database export views not compatible with Export utility
EXP-0: Export terminated unsuccessfully

The error occurs because views that the higher version of Export expects are not present. To avoid this problem, use the version of the Export utility that matches the Oracle database server.

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