Fine-Grained Access Support - Oracle 8i

You can export tables with fine-grained access policies enabled. When doing so, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • To restore the policies, the user who imports from an export file containing such tables must have the appropriate privileges (specifically execute privilege on the DBMS_RLS package so that the tables’ security policies can be reinstated). If a user without the correct privileges attempts to import from an export file that contains tables with fine-grained access policies, a warning message will be issued. Therefore, it is advisable for security reasons that the exporter/importer of such tables be the DBA.
  • If fine-grained access is enabled on select, then conventional path mode export may not export the entire table because fine-grained access may rewrite the query.
  • Only SYS or a user with the EXPORT_FULL_DATABASE role enabled can do direct path export.

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