Reusing a Dump File - Oracle 11g

One simple new feature added to Oracle Database 11g is the ability to reuse an existing Data Pump dump file in an Oracle directory.Even though the feature seems trivial,it is yet another granular feature that can provide easier manage ability to both DBAs and developers.

This particular feature is a great enhancement in the world of ASM since Data Pump directories can reside inside ASM.Unless you have access to the asmcmd utility,you will have to use SQL to delete the files in ASM. The asmcmd utility is not available to developers.

The REUSE_DUMPFILE option takes a parameter of [Y/N]. The following example reuses the dump file named encrypted.dmp:

expdp dumpfile=oratmp:encrypted.dmp \ userid="'/ as sysdba'" encryption_mode=password \ encryption_password=oracle123 ENCRYPTION_ALGORITHM=aes256 \ reuse_dumpfiles=Y

If the dump file exists,it is overwritten with this new export. If the dump file does not exist,then Data Pump creates a new file having the name specified.

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