Remapping a Table - Oracle 11g

Oracle Database 11g provides the ability to import a table into another table using the REMAP_TABLE option.The REMAP_TABLE option can be used to change the name of a specific table (partitioned and nonpartitioned) during import.

Some restrictions that you may need to consider are as follows:

  • If partitioned tables were exported in transportable mode,then each partition and subpartition must be promoted to its own table.The transportable mode is a new Oracle Database 11g feature that specifies whether a table/ partition/subpartition is transportable.
  • Tables will not be remapped if they already exist even if the TABLE_EXISTS_ACTION is set totruncate or append.
  • The export has to be performed in a nontransportable mode.

The following are two examples of specifying the REMAP_TABLEparameter,one without partitions and the other with partitions where exports occur in the transportable mode:

impdp dumpfile=oratmp:docs.dmp userid=rodba/oracle123
impdp dumpfile=oratmp:docs.dmp userid=rodba/oracle123
Notice that the REMAP_TABLE option is designated as [schema.]old_

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