PHP Support Enhancements - Oracle 11g

With Zend Core for Oracle,you can easily develop PHP applications leve raging Oracle database technologies.Zend Core for Oracle is developed in partnership with Zend Technologies and can be downloaded from Oracle’s OTN web site.

This product is easy to install and fully integrated with Oracle.In Oracle Database 11g, Oracle provides enhanced support for PHP with the database.Oracle provides a feature called Database Resident Connection Pooling (DRCP) to provide considerable improvement in the scalability of PHP applications.

In essence, DRCP provides a shared pool of connections similar to the way multithreaded sessions work.This allows for persistent connections without having to dedicate one for dedicated server processes for each of the PHP persistent connections.

From the application tier, you must append the following option to the connect string: (SERVER=POOLED).In the OCISessionPoolCreate() application call, you must specify this *connStr as an argument

OCISessionPoolCreate ( OCIEnv *envhp,
OCIError *errhp,
OCISPool *spoolhp,
OraText **poolName,
ub4 *poolNameLen,
const OraText *connStr,
ub4 connStrLen,
ub4 sessMin,
ub4 sessMax,
ub4 sessIncr,
OraText *userid,
ub4 useridLen,
OraText *password,
ub4 passwordLen,
ub4 mode );

The DBAs on the database tier can monitor the pooled connections using the DBA_CPOOL_ INFO view.

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